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Are these turbulent times or good times? Is there inflation or not? Should you be investing in energy, precious metals, industrial metals, currencies, timber, water, commercial real estate, residential real estate, or tax favored investments? Are you aware that Trustees have a fiduciary responsibility to periodically review their life insurance policies? Are you aware of the current strategies for investment and estate protection?

Today, more than ever, you need the expertise of our firm and the personal attention we offer to guide and counsel you in meeting your financial objectives.

We are known for creating unique and proprietary strategies in the development of personalized portfolios with specific categories of tangible/hard assets, income and overseas investments.

For protection of capital and assets we place emphasis as well on alternative strategies for long term care, and on constantly reviewing life insurance in light of constantly changing regulations and laws.

Life insurance policy reviews and audits are done to protect your assets due to fluctuating estate tax laws, mortality table changes, family structural changes, and interest rate and market volatility---all of which can have a negative or positive effect on your current policy.

We welcome your inquiries, and look forward to providing you with the insight, knowledge, and service that has won the respect and loyalty of our clients.


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